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Give me GaGa or give me death
Have you ever been on Wikipedia, happily reading about Lady GaGa's humble beginnings, or looking up your hometown, when you wonder, who wrote this? And further, who changes the correct data and types in their own ideas, no matter how incorrect they may be?

Well, I need not wonder anymore. It is my brother who makes these changes. One might ask, But Matt, why would you change sound information and abuse the wonderful machine that is Wikipedia? He might answer, 'I felt like it'. Like he's testing the system, seeing if anyone was paying attention. That's kind of how I feel when I shoplift nail polish and candy from CVS. I'm not wrong, they're wrong for not catching me. If they can't do their job, all I can do is steal from them some more. Maybe one day they'll learn their lesson.

BTW, this user pic is from when I was 15.

Here is my current picture that I'm using on Twitter:

Is that wisdom behind my eyes?  I say yes.


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