I'm Going on a Trip
To Istanbul, Cario, and Athens, that is! I will probably not make it out alive, and even though I'm currently swine-flu free, I am still fully expecting to die. But in the unlikely case that I don't, I am flying back to Chicago on May 9, which will probably be just as, if not more exciting than the places I am going to die in.

Song I'm Listening to on Repeat...

Can't stop won't stop.

Things I liked when I was 15.
These are the things I am 'interested' in, according to my LiveJournal circa 2004. I am archiving them here and deleting them on my info page so  I can move on, but never forget.

acoustic guitar, acting, atmosphere, b-days, being jewish, bloomingdales, books, boys, camp ben frankel, carbondale, chicago, clueless, conan o'brian, cranberries, dashboard confessional, diet coke, diffuser, digital cameras, disney world, drinking, driving, eating, eminem, eths, evanston, flat top, flip flops, friends, great harvest, guitar, hawaii, homebase, i love the 80's, incubus, j. crew, jack johnson, jimmy eat world, john cusack, john mayer, juicy couture, kosher, le peep, lifetime fitness, makeup, matzah, mest, michael ian black, minivans, mtv, music, my birkenstocks, my nalgene, neighbors, november 19, nsync, old school nickelodeon, panera, phone, pink floyd, pizza, pretty in pink, procrastinating, punk'd, rick recht, running, rusted root, salute your shorts, saved by the bell, seinfeld, shopping, snl, soffe shorts, song sessions, soymilk, st. louis, sushi, swimming, switchfoot, target, tennis, text messaging, the beatles, the breakfast club, the onion, the real world, the rolling stones, the simpsons, urban outfitters, visiting camp friends, wal-mart, warm weather, water, wayne's world, wet hot american summer, white hen, wildkits, yamo

There will be a quiz later.

Give me GaGa or give me death
Have you ever been on Wikipedia, happily reading about Lady GaGa's humble beginnings, or looking up your hometown, when you wonder, who wrote this? And further, who changes the correct data and types in their own ideas, no matter how incorrect they may be?

Well, I need not wonder anymore. It is my brother who makes these changes. One might ask, But Matt, why would you change sound information and abuse the wonderful machine that is Wikipedia? He might answer, 'I felt like it'. Like he's testing the system, seeing if anyone was paying attention. That's kind of how I feel when I shoplift nail polish and candy from CVS. I'm not wrong, they're wrong for not catching me. If they can't do their job, all I can do is steal from them some more. Maybe one day they'll learn their lesson.

BTW, this user pic is from when I was 15.

Here is my current picture that I'm using on Twitter:

Is that wisdom behind my eyes?  I say yes.

Well it's apparently been a couple of years. I started this blog when I was just a youngin'. And now I am still a youngin' but a bit more cynical. and a bit older I suppose. I am home in my bed in school so I suppose that's not really home. That was last weekend. 

There are so so so many things I should be doing right now but they all seem terribly unappealing... like- writing my study abroad application essay or doing homework. I'm just too busy creepin' on a website from my past. 

Hilarious (sure) things to come.

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you are so jealous right now

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today i worked for seven hours and i'm so tired, but a bunch of people that i know came in to eat. tomorrow i work for eleven hours (12-11), I'M SO EXCITED!! YESSSSS!!!

i have the best schedule ever

1. 5 Spanish H - Roubekas
2. 4 PE H (Senior leader)
3. Homebase
4. Advanced Journalism H - Lowe
5. Topics in math (i'm so excited)
6. lunch
7. free


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i'm going to bloomington normal (my favorite town in illinois), then st. louis. if you're there this weekend give me a call!

oh snap

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yayaya i start work at flat top tomorrow


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