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Things I liked when I was 15.
These are the things I am 'interested' in, according to my LiveJournal circa 2004. I am archiving them here and deleting them on my info page so  I can move on, but never forget.

acoustic guitar, acting, atmosphere, b-days, being jewish, bloomingdales, books, boys, camp ben frankel, carbondale, chicago, clueless, conan o'brian, cranberries, dashboard confessional, diet coke, diffuser, digital cameras, disney world, drinking, driving, eating, eminem, eths, evanston, flat top, flip flops, friends, great harvest, guitar, hawaii, homebase, i love the 80's, incubus, j. crew, jack johnson, jimmy eat world, john cusack, john mayer, juicy couture, kosher, le peep, lifetime fitness, makeup, matzah, mest, michael ian black, minivans, mtv, music, my birkenstocks, my nalgene, neighbors, november 19, nsync, old school nickelodeon, panera, phone, pink floyd, pizza, pretty in pink, procrastinating, punk'd, rick recht, running, rusted root, salute your shorts, saved by the bell, seinfeld, shopping, snl, soffe shorts, song sessions, soymilk, st. louis, sushi, swimming, switchfoot, target, tennis, text messaging, the beatles, the breakfast club, the onion, the real world, the rolling stones, the simpsons, urban outfitters, visiting camp friends, wal-mart, warm weather, water, wayne's world, wet hot american summer, white hen, wildkits, yamo

There will be a quiz later.

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*~Hey just peekin around ur site, I like procrastinating and cranberries and punk'd too...maybe we could hangz outz~?*

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