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we went swimming in lake michigan at midnight.

board games = not so BORED games! har har
while playing "life"

me: i get the white car because i'm white!
geneva: okay, but i get the yellow car because i'm chinese!

we also played dogopoly (sound it out) for an hour and a half today. i beat her ass by like seven thousand dollars.

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to answer the question posed in the comment section of my last entry (remember when your entries didn't used to suck?):

no. because my entries have always sucked. well probably no more camp entries, unless i think of anything else. if you want to look at the pictures, i have been lazily posting them on the camp site (www.livejournal.com/community/campbenfrankel).

anywho, being back sucks. i'm so bored, and the Holy Land has taken like 1/5 of my friends (ariel and amanda are in israel). i have some pics to post, but those can wait.

well now i actually checked to look at that comment, and i see two things.
a) it was not a question. it was just a comment.
b) dan posted it. so i don't care.

loooove, rachel

oh man.

Ankle Frankel Part 2 (Remix)

Verse 1:
yo yo
life be so rough
in deez streets
I feel like God
ain't with me
no more.

I just feel like school
isn't cool no more
I hate my parents
gee whiz, deez is my thoughts.

Boop left me
ma ain't my boo, nor my shorty
Boop fed me my macaroni, damn.

Verse 2:
So I leave the crib
get in my whip
turn on the celly
Boop, where the
f are you?

Oh, sorry Boop.
You know I heart you.
Sometimes, when things get rough
like when you leave me Boop,
I just get all...
Butt-Frankled inside
I heart you Boop
I heart you Boop
I heart you Boop
Whoops, I got stuck in a loop.

one more thing:
what is it about havdalah that makes people so gassy? i just don't get it.

havdalah quote:
don't close your eyes
this is your life
and today is all you got now
and today is all you'll ever have

CBF 2005
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CBF 2005

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